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The backbone of Osprey Sales lies within its sales team, all of which have developed longstanding and meaningful relationships with our vendors, distributors, and end-user partners.


Jim had the unique opportunity to join his father in the JanSan industry in 1989. He later joined Michael in 1996 and co-founded Osprey Sales. He has a passion for representing manufacturers with new technologies and innovative solutions. He is focused on sustainable product introduction and assists in contributing to the Circular Economy. Jim has helped several large customers with their zero-waste programs. He enjoys bringing new concepts and product launches to distribution and end users. Jim excels at working with all who are involved during the decision-making process and is skilled at managing and communicating expectations with all stakeholders.

Jim Seerey

Michael has been in the JanSan industry since 1978. His first 15 years were in sales and purchasing at Norshel Industries. He moved to the New York market to start his independent rep organization servicing the JanSan and Food Service Industries. In 1996 he co-founded Osprey Sales, which was the first agency to cover the Mid -Atlantic and Northeast markets. Michael is known for his tireless work ethic, persistence in his territory, and close ties to his customers.

Michael Leibowitz
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Ruth specializes in financial reporting and is responsible for all aspects of Osprey Sales accounting department, customer service team and marketing. Ruth is an effective part of the team using her positive and laid-back attitude to get project deadlines completed in a timely manner. She also helps with keeping the office running smoothly. Ruth has been a Finance and Accounting Consultant with over 30 years of experience working in a wide range of industries including health care, medical devices, internet startups, educational systems, and JanSan.

Ruth Seerey

Dan started out in the JanSan industry in 1978 selling janitorial, paper, grocery, hardware, and discount stores for Norshel Industries. He was an NJSSA Trustee and Chairman of the Social Outreach Committee, running Operation Clean Sweep for many years. Dan has the pleasure to call on accounts as prestigious as Yale, but knows even jails need quality product and solutions, Dan’s philosophy is “Yale to Jail”. He continues to grow his market by providing education and service to both distributors and end user partners. Dan joined Osprey Sales in 1999.

Dan Rubinstein

Grace has been in the industry since 1985. She has vast experience working with distributors to increase their footprint in existing accounts and helping to win new national end user business.  Her experience and longevity with Safety Zone (over 23 years) under Sandy Seidman’s, Principal & CEO, and Mike Coyle’s, Vice President, tutelage shows in her distributor loyalty, knowledge, and her drive to succeed. Prior to Safety Zone she was in the industry working for a JanSan house for 13 years.  She joined Osprey Sales in March of 2022.

Grace Gracey

Peter is embarking on over a 30-year career. He brings experience from other successful companies in the paper, packaging, JanSan and Food Service Industry. Peter has a unique understanding of the challenges that current owners and decision makers are going through in the rapidly changing business environment. He offers his clients business development while incorporating problem solving skills to help grow their businesses. Peter joined Osprey Sales in November of 2022.

Peter Panagakos

Mission Statement

Osprey Sales looks at our manufacturers and end-users as partners, not as customers. If both distribution and the end user successfully implement our product or service, our manufacturers and, ultimately, Osprey Sales win. Success breeds success, and in our industry, it is critical to establish that all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. We thrive on wins, and we are committed to evolving and responding with sustainable solutions to the ever-changing world.

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