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A premier manufacturer representative group in the mid-Atlantic specializing in janitorial, PPE, and food service disposables. We focus on bringing innovative and sustainable products to our distribution and end-user partners.
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Osprey Sales is a premier manufacturer’s representative Company specializing in innovative and ethical sales and marketing practices with our manufacturers, distributors, and end-user partners. Located in the mid-Atlantic region, Osprey Sales continues to excel and grow in the janitorial, industrial, and food service industries. The genesis of Osprey Sales resulted from Michael Leibowitz and Jim Seerey joining forces in 1996. Utilizing their resources and knowledge of products, Michael’s and Jim’s success stems from their ability to maintain a competitive edge and be proactive in the ever-changing market. We take pride in representing our manufacturers with honor and integrity to increase their market share while providing superior service to our end-user partners.

Osprey Sales is constantly searching for new and groundbreaking products to enrich the industry, especially regarding sustainability. We strive to find products with a sustainable mission. Sustainability is a passion for our team, and we have successfully launched first-to-market products in several categories. We can build a better world for future generations through our efforts.

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We aspire to represent new and innovative sustainable products that significantly impact our environment.
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Our Team is Knowledgeable, Persistent, and Trustworthy

Osprey Sales is a trusted resource for our distributor and end-user partners. We have longstanding relationships with vendors and distributors in the mid-Atlantic market that provide access to the decision makers in the sales and marketing process.

Support & Service

The Osprey Sales Team consist of an experienced and knowledgeable staff that provides fast, friendly service with clear solutions.

Mid-Atlantic Region

Our Team services the east coast with local and national distributors in the mid-Atlantic and beyond.

Mission Statement

Osprey Sales looks at our manufacturers and end-users as partners, not as customers. If both distribution and the end user successfully implement our product or service, our manufacturers and, ultimately, Osprey Sales win. Success breeds success, and in our industry, it is critical to establish that all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. We thrive on wins, and we are committed to evolving and responding with sustainable solutions to the ever-changing world.

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